video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerJust outside Fabens, Texas, some families' loved ones have been laid to rest in La Isla Cemetery. On Saturday night, vandals destroyed from 30 to 50 tombstones out of the 200 that are inside the sacred ground. Damage to the tombstones vary from knocking over tombstones to completely destroying them. You can see some of the serious damage that has occurred in the Facebook post below by Arlina Palacios.

According to ABC-7, The El Paso Catholic Diocese will be assisting families in helping to repair the tombstones. Families have been heartbroken over the incredible damage that has been done to their family members' resting places. I also have family that have been laid to rest in there, and I can't believe someone would do this for fun. If anyone has any information you are asked to call the Sheriff's officials or the El Paso Catholic Diocese.