There is something coming for those who are still dragging along that bah humbug mood around lately. Sure sometimes some of us can be a Grinch during the Christmas season. But what helps out some is being around other people who are spreading Christmas cheer.

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If you're looking for something to do this weekend that is family-friendly with a Christmas theme, don't miss out on Grinchmas. Saturday, December 4 is when you can hang out and have your photos taken with the Grinch.

There will be all sorts of entertainment going on today that you should at least experience when it comes to the Grinch. Plus despite the cold heart Grinch has everyone still loves him and his grumpy ways.

If your family in any way includes watching any of the Grinch movies as a part of Christmas tradition, this Grinchmas must be celebrated. Plus, it can also be like a quick family getaway to head out of El Paso.

The best part about Grinchmas going down in Fabens is knowing Grinch will also be around. This is your moment to look like the cool one with your kids and introduce them to Grinch.

Grinch will be roaming around The Meadows Luxury Farm today from 11 am to 5 pm to have some fun with you and your family. There will be vendors, artists, snacks, and food trucks around for you to check out.

Grinchmas will be held at 17901 Middle Island Rd. which is almost like a trip to Las Cruces except for a shorter time by a smidge. Grinch is looking forward to taking pictures with you at Grinchmas today.

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