You're in good hands if you've been going to this local barber here in El Paso! If you occasionally get your cuts at Blessed Barber Studio you may recognize Wilfredo Bultron.

Insider was impressed with Wilfredo's style on how he makes his clients clean and sharp. Wilfredo doesn't just keep the hair on your head sharp, he also does eyebrow and beard shaping along with face masks. He started at a really young age when he became fascinated with this skill. He was fifteen and would visit his uncle at the barber shop every day after school. He took cutting hair and transformed it into an art with the skills he managed to learn over the years. Thankfully Wilfredo's passion and curiosity landed him in the spotlight for his great work. Finally after 15 years his art with the help of a razor has been recognized.

So if you're looking for a sharp cut, he's the barber who's a master with a razor!

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