Meet Brown Betty!

Brown Betty took their name from a ghostly Galvestonian and have been rocking El Paso for several years now. According to their bio:

Brown Betty has members who have all been involved in the music business for years and still manage to like it!  Robert Pounds is the lead voice and Fender Bass player. He is a solid Capricorn. Adrian Esparza is the quirky guitarist and harmony singer, on a quest for something just over the horizon, as most Aquarians are wont to do. Mike Castillo plays and slays the Gretsch drum kit and keeps it all in balance, as most Librans do. Last Call Larry is in the wings with tech support, general business, and crisis management. A stealthy Scorpio, if there ever was one...  All members were former members of the KISS Army, back in the day.

Catch them live April 29th at Rosa's Cantina and they'll kick off the 2016 season of Cool Canyon Nights Thursday, May 12th!