First, it is too spelled with a "V". Second, these Local Locos weren't included in my recent "How They Got Their Name" blogs but, the answer's in here!

It is pronounced Sluthammer, just spelled weird. Here's their story, in their own words:

SlvtHammer started off as a 3 piece in-your-face, lightning-speed punk rock band led by left-handed guitarist Mondo Tejas in October 2013. They released their first video "RoadHead" the following spring and toured all over the U.S. for 5 straight weeks in the summer of 2014 before picking up bassist Bobby Lucero (formerly of El Paso Goth Rock band Lylah) and lead guitarist Jose Ibave (Alexx). Their first full-length album "No Shame" was recorded in Los Angeles, California with producer Daniel Dart (Time Again/ Hellcat Records) and Released June 3rd, 2016 and is currently availble on Spotify and iTunes. Drummer Germ Rodriguez joined last summer and since then they have been working furiously on their upcoming album "On The Loose"

How they got their name is a pretty simple, mildly NSFW, story. It's Mondo's nickname for his, well ... you know.

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