Observing art can get you lost in the creation that was made by the artist. The great artists can get you lost in their masterpiece by escaping your current reality. Yesterday the weather and my mood weren't so high so I decided to roam around El Paso. I was up for seeing some artwork from our very own locals that is free. I admire how much time and patience the artist takes to paint what they see in their mind. There is much more beautiful works of art around El Paso but wanted to show off a few of my favorites. For example, one local woman has mad hand skills when she uses them to paint us a picture. Christin Apodaca is a local artist that has her mural up on the corner of El Paso Street and Father Rahm. Her mural is the one with the bright red brick wall with a black and white image. The others I also like to stare at and get lost in are located at Overland and Leon, Federal and Kentucky, and Uva at Durazno. How do you like to unwind after a rough day besides grabbing a drink and listening to music?

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