Local amusement park Western Playland has brand new owners that are bringing new excitement to the beloved entertainment center.

Last year, it was announced that after 60 years of being El Paso-owned, Western Playland had been sold, which left many El Pasoans worried about the future of the amusement park. Many of us have fond memories of going to Western Playland as a child, or taking our own children there. Traders Village, a Dallas-based company was named the new owners according to KTSM and they had big plans for the property.

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Rather than close the amusement park, Traders Village decided to invest in the property and add more for people to see, do, and eat while they're at Western Playland. The new owners told KTSM they had plans to expand the park's footprint to add new rides, new food and drink options, as well as a new concert venue.

Many El Pasoans voiced their excitement over the news and the new opening date, speculating as to what the new additions will be. Many expressed a wish for more water rides, while others fantasized about the various food options that could be coming. Any way you look at it, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about Western Playground opening their gates again to El Paso this year.

So far we haven't seen what the new additions to the amusement park look like but we do know what day they will be opening their doors to the public. Western Playland will open Saturday, February 25th and will be open Saturdays and Sundays from February till April 13th. Here is the Western Playland's operation dates according to EL Paso Up and Coming Instagram:

Sat. and Sun. February 25 - April 13
Wed. thru Sun. Spring Break
Fri. thru Sun. April 14 - June 11
Wed. thru Sun. June 12 - all July.

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