Growing up can be hard. You have to go through puberty, pay attention in school and kiss people.

According to an adorable 4-year-old boy, kissing is a terrifying idea.

While discussing life with his father, the wise young man explains what he thinks his love life will be, along with how important it is to him to be protective over his male friends. Once his father mentions the idea of marriage to his son, that's when the freak out occurs.

What could possible strike such fear into the young man's heart?

The idea of kissing girl's with spit.

Yes, this little boy has already experienced kisses with spit. Which concerns me. No seriously. We could have an outbreak of cooties or something from all these wet kisses.

He continues to ramble on about his disgust for marriage and doesn't need a wife.

Yeah, that's what everyone says until puberty hits.

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