By now you have heard the news that Iron Maiden will be returning to the Sun City for the first time in 20 years! By now you have also probably heard the story of how Lisa made me LATE to the Iron Maiden concert we went to back in 2017!

If you haven't heard it- let me tell you my sad story! It was the summer of 2017 and my sister and I had gotten tickets to see Iron Maiden in Albuquerque. Lisa had also gotten tickets to the show and we both had the days off to go to Albuquerque and see Iron Maiden!

We went in separate cars and stayed in different hotels, but once there Lisa messaged me and asked if my sister and I could pick her up on the way to the concert venue and we would all go together; we agreed. When we got to the hotel Lisa was staying at, I messaged her to let her know that we were there and ready to go. Lisa messaged me saying she and her friend just needed to "finish their makeup", to which I thought, oh, shouldn't take long.

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45 MINUTES LATER I thought "this is taking too long!" when Lisa and her friend finally emerged from the hotel! And wouldn't you know it, they STILL hadn't finished their makeup! But we finally went on our merry way to see the show- until we hit another roadblock- the line to get into the venue! It was so long that I thought we'd never make it in time. We finally got parking- and we made it in time to see Iron Maiden; however, we missed the opening band- which was GHOST!

It's been years so I can laugh about it now, but every now and then I like to give Lisa a hard time because I had missed Ghost! At least I got to see Iron Maiden, and I eventually got to see Ghost.

With the announcement of Iron Maiden, and reminiscing about my first time seeing them, I decided to ask our listeners if they had ever been late to a concert, and what was the reason.

If I had to answer it, my answer would be: Lisa Sanchez! But y'all gave some really great answers!

What Caused You to be Late to a Concert?

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