(Author's Note) I now consider "mail" to include Facebook messages, Twitter comments, Etsy feedback and notes tied around bricks and thrown through our studio window pane. You gotta change with the time, right?

Here's a recent Facebook post about a segment we had on our show a week ago. I see it as a teachable moment...

Dear Christina,

Thank you so much for writing! As another listener responded, "So the Q has porn stars on? That's like complaining that "The Walking Dead" has zombies every now and then."

I'm not criticizing your feelings, however. As a fellow parent, I sympathize. I often find myself in the position of changing the media that my impressionable child might be seeing or hearing. Not, however, when my child is no longer present!

" I just drove my 16 year old to school and on my way back..."

OK, now I'm confused. I can understand your concern for what your child is being exposed to, but how is that an issue if she's no longer in the car? I'm assuming your main concern was for your daughter since that was the opening premise of your narrative. Is it your own tender sensibilities you were concerned about? Or were you worried that your daughter was inside the school listening to the show on her transistor radio (you know, as all the kids are doing these days)?   For the record, Christine, we try our best to schedule our more adult segments after 8 am when we think most kids will already be in school. I see that strategy worked in your case. You're welcome!

As to the song you believe we were playing...

"Do you have enough Jack in your glass? I'm gonna follow that with Patron. I want a girl on my lap..."

None of us on the Morning Show recognize those lyrics. Our digital editor thought it might be lyrics from an Eminem song. Is there any chance you were scanning the dial or playing something from your personal gangsta rap playlist? Honestly, we're at a loss.

*Editor's note: It appears to be a Hollywood Undead song that was not played that day.

Again, I completely understand. As one parent to another, let me share a little trick I've learned. Instead of complaining to government agencies, which involves writing numerous letters and documentation of your complaint, I've found that it is much, much easier to use this incredible new technology that enables parents to block content they find objectionable. Here's a picture of it:

This circular control I'm pointing to is called a "tuner" and they put them on most cars these days. It really does the trick and saves you so much time.  Usually, this "tuner" is located within a foot of where you hand is resting when you drive...

   See? Right at about twelve inches, give or take. On some of the newer models, they are even putting these "tuners" right on the steering wheel to make them even more convenient. Parenting has never been easier! You should try it some time!

Thanks again for your message!