I've been spending quarantine doing a lot of deep thinking while watching classic Halloween films and now I have some questions. While on vacation, I spent a good majority of my time watching Halloween and scary movies, to get into the holiday spirit. This isn't typically my type of activity but in honor of us being stuck inside I decided to watch Halloween movies. The first one I watched and my favorite is "Nightmare Before Christmas." The movie isn't scary and has a heartwarming message- skinny dudes have feelings too and ghosts aren't always scary sometimes they're cute dogs. I'm pretty sure that was the message. Anyways, after watching "Nightmare Before Christmas" I started thinking about the lead character, Jack Skellington, and what his life must have been like before he ended up in Halloweentown. What was he like? What was his occupation? Was he skinny back then too? I headed to the internet to start my investigation and found out I wasn't the first person to ponder this thought.

Turns out, there are several articles and Youtube videos on the subject and discussions happening about who Jack Skellington really is. Some even think that Tim Burton has been crafting a massive expanded universe, where all of the subjects of his films actually live in the same world and just don't know it. While I would like to believe this, it would be weird to know Corpse Bride, Jack Skellington, and Beetlejuice sometimes meet up at the local undead watering hole to chit chat. Actually come to think of it, that would be a movie I would absolutely watch. Or at least a good joke, "Jack Skellington, Corpse Bride, and Beetlejuice all walk into a bar.." Let me know if you think of a good ending for that one. Watch the video above and you decide for yourself, do you think he's right? Does he know who Jack Skellington was in a different life? Or are well all guessing this and in the end, it really doesn't matter.

Tim Burtons A Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Stills
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