Linkin Park often encourages its audience to make charitable contributions, acknowledges singer Chester Bennington.

So when they put out the call to raise money for tsunami relief in Japan, Bennington and his band mates decided to give their fans some extra incentive. And it’s a good one for both sides. Raise $500 by Aug. 24 for the band’s Music for Relief charity, and you and a guest can attend Linkin Park’s “secret” show in Los Angeles on Aug. 31.

“We wanted to find ways to keep our fans interested in donating money,” explains Bennington. “We wanted to do something special.”

For those who donate more than $500, the experience becomes extra special — the opportunity to meet the band and watch the Aug. 31 show from the side of the stage.

“Anyone who participates, we want to reward them and give them something cool, so everyone walks away with something,” Bennington adds. “At this show, there are not going to be that many people, and that’s how we want it. We’re looking for the most hard-core people to go out and bust their butts to raise this money. It may just be a few hundred people there, and that’s intriguing.”