Paying respect, crying, remembering, even passing out coffee and getting in touch with others you hadn't seen in a long time are usual funeral activities. Let's not forget the loud talking, gossiping, laughing and kids running around if you've attended one here in town. But in Taiwan things are a little different.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Apparently, funerals are taken to a higher 'sexier' edge. As strippers take their clothes off and pole dance for the dead. (Yup, you read right ... talk about "the dead shall rise".)

To top it off, this isn't something that is done at the Funeral Home, they perform in Electric Flower Cars, which are trucks that convert into stages so they can follow along with the funerals (forget about lying of going to the strip club, now you can be honest and say you were at a funeral!)


Of course, you have your share of people that do not agree with this practice. Mainly because it is not limited to just men, it is for everyone to see. But as for the people in the industry, they state that they are talented performers and they do it for the Gods and Spirits to seek blessings (and tips).

People sure do get into this ... check it out! Careful though, you may spot some inappropriate content. If you happen to have almost bionic vision, snake like reflexes and the 6th sense of a cat ... ;)



Definitely makes a funeral more thrilling.




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