Driving on I-10 at Airway Blvd. once the sun has gone down excites certain people. We all know how the color blue represents First Responders and white symbolizes Doctors, Nurses, and EMS. The lighted sculptures at Airway Blvd. are now lit up with blue and white colors.

I hope that anyone working in the medical field takes pride when they see those glowing colors at night.

Just the other night I even got excited when I saw the lighted sculptures blue and white. When I see the colors blue and white together I always think of the MLB team I root for, Los Angeles Dodgers. I am pretty sure other Los Angeles Dodgers fans in El Paso who have driven by Airway Blvd. also think the same. Just like the El Paso star had perfect timing when it was blue last month.

I know it was blue to honor law enforcement but for me, I also like to believe it was blue for the Dodgers finally winning the World Series this year. While other people also pretended the way I did except the blue star symbolized the Democratic Party for them. But I definitely can put money on Dallas Cowboys fans in El Paso also doing the same thing when they saw the blue star and the lighted sculptures. Hell, I bet they even say one of their famous Cowboys quotes that they always say.

There's another group of fans (if they exist in El Paso) that share the same excitement when they drive by Airway Blvd. If there are El Pasoans who are fans of Millwall F.C.'s soccer team then they too will admire the view.

Let me know what you think of when you see the blue and white lighted sculptures on Airway Blvd. below.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

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