Normally you're used to seeing the star on the mountain lit up with regular bulbs but not this month. This month the star on the mountain will have a different hue than the typical clear bulbs we're used to seeing. For the entire month of November, the star on the mountain will be shining bright blue to honor law enforcement. The "Blue Star Over El Paso" expenses this month are taken care of by some companies you're familiar with. The companies sponsoring the blue star are Tropicana Homes, Tropicana Properties, Tropicana Buildings, and Patriot Mortgage. Precinct 4 County Commissioner Carl Robinson is the man behind the bright idea to honor our law enforcement. But it was even greater when the Tropicana affiliates had his back 100% about that idea. I have not been able to see it with my own eyes at night but have seen the pictures. There have been quite a few people sharing their own personal pictures they took of it on social media. Justin Martinez captured a great picture since he lives right in front of it.

It looks so beautiful in the pictures I have seen on my newsfeed. I can't wait until I can check it out for myself when I happen to be on the road while the star is shining bright blue. It feels nice to be the kind of city that shows respect for our law enforcement and can be able to honor them. Only in El Paso, you will see a star on our mountain that's lit bright blue just for our law enforcement.

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