A lot of our trash ends up in the world’s oceans. We’re told it endangers sea life and threatens the delicate balance of the oceanic biosphere. But, why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the POSITIVE aspects of clogging the oceans with plastic? Like, the following video shows, it’s not ALL negative:

See? That octopus now has a safe,cozy home and it’s all thanks to someone who DIDN’T recycle!

Also…is that what an octopus looks like?? I mean, I had a general idea of what an octopus looks like but more of just the outline of one. Like the symbol for Hyrda in Marvel Comics. But there is A LOT more going on with that octopus than I was prepared for. For instance…

  • At 0:27---What are those two tube-like things that look like they’re respirating? Are they his lungs? Or could they be his penises? Whatever they are, why are their two of them and why do they look like Alien chest-burster?
  • 0:53----Could it be his mouth? Mouths??
  • 1:15---Mmmmm. Calamari

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