We're a little over a month into the city of El Paso's changes to the recycling pick up and seems like a lot of people have either forgotten we're on a new schedule or never got the memo.

My trash day is Friday, and every week throughout April, I would see the blue bins placed out on the street in my neighborhood. Well, 50% of those weeks, nothing was getting picked up.

If you aren't sure when you've recycling is going to be picked up, you can CLICK HERE and type in your address. Some advice though when you are putting in your address. Follow their guidelines precisely. If I were to enter the station's address, I'd be sure to put 4180 N Mesa ST. They have it set up so the capitalization and abbreviation of 'street' comes into play.

Is it the end of the world if you put your bin out when it won't be picked up? No. But it's far less work if you don't.

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