I woke up yesterday morning and my first thought was of a turkey burger from Carls Jr.   You see, I give up red meat for Lent, not just on Fridays, but the whole 40 days.   I am a carnivore, so this is truly a sacrifice for me.  i usually eat a burger for breakfast a couple of times a week, so breakfast during Lent is a little difficult.

Anyway, when I woke up thinking about a turkey burger, I didn't know if I had dreamt of it, or if it was something heard while trying to sleep with the tv on.  So I go to Carl's Jr. this morning with my fingers crossed, and lo and behold, they really do have a turkey burger!!!  I almost started crying tears of joy!  It was delicious!!! 

If you have given up red meat for Lent and love a burger, Carl's Jr. is the answer to your prayers.

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