Yet. There have been DOZENS of amazing bands that have come to El Paso. I've already written about 10 bands that NEED to come back & some great (nearly) forgotten concert recordings back in the day. But now I'm going to write about some amazing bands & artists who are still ACTIVE & have YET to come to El Paso & give us a show.

NOTE: I will not be featuring any bands that we know will NEVER do another show (ex: The Beatles or Nirvana). Also I will give an honorable mention to Greta Van Fleet, Interpol & Rage Against the Machine because while they HAVEN'T come to El Paso, they WILL be coming in the future.

Another NOTE: This list is SPECIFICALLY for El Paso. Some bands have come CLOSE, like Las Cruces. But not directly here in El Paso.

Red Hot Chili Peppers:

For nearly 40 years, RHCP has become one of the BIGGEST names in rock n roll. But since 1983, not ONCE have the Peppers come to El Paso. I've seen many RHCP fans here so I'm surprised why they haven't yet. They HAVE reunited with John Frusciante & put out their new album Unlimited Love back in April so you know they're happy to be playing. If they do come to El Paso, I can bet that the crowd will go CRAZY the minute they would make that announcement.


Another favorite in the alternative rock world, the 3 piece British band Muse has rocking all over the world since 1994. However... they haven't come to OUR part of the world. With the upcoming release of their 9th studio album, Will of the People, maybe the band will surprise us a tour date in El Paso? It can happen...

The Black Keys:

When you think of garage rock from the United States, The Black Keys really helped make that happen. The duo from Akron, Ohio have been playing since 2001 & during their 2 decade span, not once have they played in El Paso. I honestly would've thought they could've played at the old Club 101 location when they first got started but maybe if they do, they could totally perform at the Plaza or Don Haskins. Or if they REALLY want to surprise us, maybe at The Lowbrow Palace. However they HAVE come to Las Cruces in October 2012 & since they came to Las Cruces and NOT El Paso, onto the list they go. 


Yes while we will never get to see the great Freddie Mercury live in the Sun City, Queen IS active with Adam Lambert as their lead singer so they count for this list. Plus Adam Lambert has never come to El Paso either so that's a double whammy. If they ever come to El Paso, I can only hope they will pull off something like THIS for the hardcore Freddy fans...

Pearl Jam:

Eddie Vedder is one the greatest singers in the world today. And it's a shame that Pearl Jam has NOT come to El Paso yet. Eddie himself HAS been to El Paso, a long time ago he performed at the Plaza Theater in 2012. But the band as a WHOLE, has never been to El Paso. But at least we got to see Eddie in El Paso.

Olympia Trevizo
Olympia Trevizo

Bruce Springsteen:

THE BOSS. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band... has never come here to town. We've had tribute bands & symphony Springsteen concerts in town but as for getting the REAL Bruce, we haven't yet. He's been rocking since 1973 & he's still rocking to this day. Maybe one day he'll come to El Paso so we can call him... El Jefe.


One of favorite modern metal bands, Mastodon has become a HUGE force in the metal world (especially after being nominated for a couple of Grammys throughout their career). But since they started making music in 2000, they have YET to make their way to El Paso. The closest we have to having a Mastodon close to us is the ghost town in New Mexico. But maybe we'll get the heaviness to El Paso one day.

Faith No More:

Just like with Pearl Jam, Mike Patton HAS been here to the Sun City with The Dillinger Escape Plan. Mike has also appeared here with Tomahawk in 2002 when they opened up for Tool. But... as a whole band, Faith No More has not YET been to El Paso.

Olympia Trevizo
Olympia Trevizo

Arctic Monkeys:

The mid 2000s were a great time for alternative rock to flourish. Bands like The Black Keys, The Strokes & Arctic Monkeys were ones I remember seeing a lot of people talk about how amazing they were (and still are). However of those 3 bands I mentioned, only one has rocked El Paso: The Strokes. I mentioned The Black Keys already but yes, the Arctic Monkeys have YET to rock El Paso. Do I wanna know if they WILL rock El Paso? Oh you know I do!


Primus has not come to El Paso...right? Well In January 18th, 1992, Primus opened up for RUSH... That sounded like an amazing show & it was a year before I was born. But here's the kicker... even though the link that shows the setlist says El Paso, we know the Pan American Center is in Las Cruces. So... Primus has played in LAS CRUCES, but not El Paso so on this list they go.

Roger Waters:

When you think of Pink Floyd, David Gilmore & Roger Waters are usually the 2 big names that come to mind. One thing to mention: Pink Floyd HAS rocked El Paso in the Sun Bowl back in 1994. However that was during The Division Bell tour; David was in the band during that time but NOT Roger. And since he IS active in 2022 (even has a tour and everything), Roger counts for this list.

Paul McCartney:

Last but certainly not least, Paul McCartney, or should I say SIR Paul McCartney has never been to El Paso. He's come to Las Cruces (in 1993), but not here in El Paso [why does Las Cruces have all the fun?]. He's 80 years old but he is still proving that he sounds amazing on stage, but he has yet to show us all live in concert. One of his fellow Beatles, Ringo Starr, HAS come to El Paso... twice. I hope one day El Paso can welcome Sir Paul just like how Las Cruces did nearly 30 years ago...

Maybe one day we can finally say that YES, we HAVE seen these artists in El Paso. When will that happen? Only time will tell.

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