As we inch up on the 4/20 "holiday", you're probably be going to be hearing a lot about Mary Jane.  I thought I'd get this particular "media frenzy" started with the age old question; to legalize or not to leagalize??

According to an article I found on today, BILLIONS (with a 'B') could be saved/earned by legalizing the mota.  Not exactly news ... we've known this forever ... but it's a point that won't go away.

Money saved on prison inmates ... on prisons themselves for that matter.

Money saved on court costs.  (As well as the cost of having cops sitting in courtrooms instead of being out protecting and serving.)

Money earned by taxing it.

Businesses created by selling it.  The reasons go on and on and on .......

I'm pretty sure I know how this ones gonna shake down but, I'll ask anyway.  Whatcha' think El Paso??

Legalize it?

Legalize it with some restrictions?  (Treat it the way we treat alcohol for example)

Keep it illegal??

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