Those who participate in 4/20 activities don't have a lot of options to celebrate today. Covid-19 is the reason you now have to change your regular 4/20 routine. Usually how it works is someone gets the whole gang together and shares their goods. You and your crew would pick a spot to hang out at or just pollute the car. Which meant no social distancing ever mattered during 4/20. But now that times have changed it is a vital matter that can't be ignored. It is crazy how dispensaries are considered essential.

How the time now just means it isn't going to be the same as it was before. Instead of celebrating with friends and sharing saliva, you must celebrate on your own. Honor today as if you don't have enough to pass around and video chat with fellow cannabis fans. You're celebrating 4/20 right if you're following social distancing rules and measurements during the Covid-19 crisis. I hope you're staying safe and remember sharing ISN'T caring at this time.


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    Just because you can't cruise with friends to that popular spot your shenanigans go down shouldn't postpone your celebratory mode. Besides it is better you are somewhere safe like inside or the backyard of your home.

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    Normally this kind of move is better for a group of people. But during these times we must keep practicing social distancing. If you must hot box you can just be in your own driveway with your cell phone handy to phone a friend. But if you're a party of one at the moment, you can hotbox your bathroom instead.

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    We have grown up hearing how sharing is caring. We were taught to share what is ours with others. Normally on a day like today, everyone likes to share and pass around the smokable object. Unfortunately, times like these are allowing you not to share your greens.


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    You must also prepare the best snacks for your munchie mission. Plus, you also have to try and remember not to eat all the quarantine snacks. When you're a lone wolf on a day like today means your snack stash won't be destroyed.