Remember when El Paso Strong was a thing? When people actually cared about each other? That seems like ages ago now. We get it all the time on the MoSho. People spewing hate and anger towards each other.

Are we that divisive now? Are we this angry all the time with everyone else that we have to constantly lash out.

This video is only the latest of really hateful things you see on the Internet, and more importantly, get from here in El Paso. One of the main reasons I've fallen in love with El Paso is the sense of culture and togetherness you get here. Of course, there are always squabbles. There will always be arguments. But it seems like the 'El Paso Strong' mantra has gone out the window and everyone just sort of has the sticker on their car now, forgetting what it actually means.

Now, this employee could have just had a bad day. A really, really, really bad day. But that still doesn't justify the comment made 'No, you're in America. Learn English.' It's hateful comments like this that continue to divide us. I'm all for giving someone the opportunity to explain a mistake or allow them to give a reason why they may have screwed up. But there is no place for comments like this, and it's going to be really tough to have any sort of explanation as to why they made the comment. They've dug themselves a rather large hole that's going to be tough to get out of.

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