A  North Carolina man, Justin M. Rhodes was arrested for playing a cruel prank. Rhodes went Facebook Live as he is roaming around Wal Mart claiming he tested positive for coronavirus. While he was roaming around the store he was touching items left and right showing no remorse. As he was touching those items he was saying "If I got it, you all got it" with a smile on his face.

Justin M. Rhodes was arrested for disorderly conduct and perpetrating a hoax in a public building. After he was arrested, Police and health officials discovered he didn't have coronavirus. If Justin M. Rhodes wanted to go viral and be famous, he sure as hell went the wrong way about it. Because of his cruel joke, Justin M. Rhodes is facing felony charges now and is expected in court on March 30.  It amazes me how some people can be during this tough time we are going through. If you want to go viral or become famous don't be like this guy who did it the idiotic way.

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