Save money. Live better. Cook meth in our bathroom. Wait, what?

A Wal-Mart employee in Eastern Indiana found something seriously weird in the bathroom. The employee saw a suspicious man with a backpack going into the bathroom at the Wal-Mart and decided to watch him. When the man left the restroom, he didn't have the backpack with him anymore. He notified police, who investigated what was in the backpack, and found all the makings for meth. The State meth suppression team went out and had to remove the highly explosive chemicals from the restroom. The health department had the store close the bathrooms until they could have them professionally decontaminated.

Surprisingly, this isn't an unheard of situation. Apparently making meth in public restrooms has been done in the past, and police are aware of the situation. People making meth actually leave it in public locations because of how highly combustible the ingredients are and the fumes. They leave the mixtures in public locations, so they don't risk blowing up their own homes. Isn't that nice?

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