Today is the saddest day El Paso has ever faced in history. The mass shooting that occurred at Wal-Mart and Cielo Vista Mall left loved ones deceased and injured. Something like this should bring us all together as a community to lend a helping hand. There are plenty of ways that you can help out those in need during this tragic time.

One of the ways that can help out the victims from the mass shooting is by donating blood. Vitalant is hoping you can make it in today to give your blood donations to help those victims. If you are unable to donate blood you can drop off some necessities such as bottled waters and packs of ice. Earlier my significant other and I stopped at Albertsons to buy 4 packs of waters and bags of ice to donate. You can donate at The Pebble Hills Regional Command Center 10780 Pebble Hills  Blvd, or at McArthur Elementary-Intermediate School 8101 Whitus Drive.

If you don't feel safe leaving your home then you can make a secure monetary donation. The El Paso Community Foundation has set up an account to help the victims through this fund.

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