This guy must be from El Paso. Call it terrorism, psychotic behavior, whatever, this is the way to respond. Unflinching and unforgiving, defiant ... even if it seems you cannot win ... to the end.

Sometimes all you can do is just say "F*** off, I will not go quietly". True he ducks after the second, (3rd, 4th??) round of fire begins but, this is how you keep the bad guys from winning. By honoring the brave, acknowledging the resistant .... never surrendering.

My prayers to all who were hurt or killed ... and their families ... during this terrible incident. This guys response is awesome. (Skip to about 1:10 to see him.) Don't cower, don't run. If all you have are rocks, throw them. (Hey, it worked for David.) If all you have is a beer and attitude, then use that. Anything works when standing against those who wish to terrify or intimidate.

God bless all affected by this tragedy and all the emergency personnel who responded to it.

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