DISCLAIMER: Please drink responsibly while consuming any form of alcoholic beverage

Think of the last time YOU had a beer... how many did you have before it was too much? Statistically, the normal human can handle about 3.5 regular 12 ounce beers in one hour. However, one man from Las Cruces, New Mexico, can probably drink that in one SITTING. That man is Chris Meraz.

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How much beer can Chris Meraz drink?

The brother of Jonathan Meraz, and a good friend of KLAQ's Veronica Gonzales, has talked about how much he can chug in one go. One video posted by Jonathan on TikTok has been getting a ton of views shows his brother Chris drink a 32 oz. beer... in mere seconds.

Many people showed how impressed they were in the comments section calling him a "beast!" or "champ!".

Chris can also chug 2 beers at once

If one beer wasn't enough, two certainly should be enough. Another video shows Chris downing 2 beers at once; something that's very crazy to try...but not for Chris.

So what's the secret to Chris's beer chugging success?

That's what we wanted to know so we decided to ask Chris directly, "how is he able to chug beer like that?" because I know I certainly couldn't do it. He said "the trick is relaxing your throat and taking a big drink & not swallowing but just allowing the liquid to pour down without gulping & breathing with your nose".

He also recommended to practice with water while taking a big drink. Now certainly we're not saying you SHOULD attempt to beat Chris in a beer chugging competition; but if you wanted to know HOW he does it, now you know.

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If you're interested in more boozy stories from New Mexico, you can read all about the beer train down below.

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