Italian melodic metallers Lacuna Coil have been incredibly generous, sharing updates and footage of the creative process for several months leading up to their new album ‘Dark Adrenaline,’ the release date of which is right around the corner. In the footage posted below, head-turning singer Cristina Scabbia and her mates stand in front of a mic in the studio to discuss the history of the facility and possible paranormal activity that may have taken place during the recording process.

The band was stationed at Can-Am Studios, a studio used by Guns N’ Roses and Megadeth, so it has a rich metallic history, for half of the recording. The band reveals that the album was mostly recorded in Italy and that it took shape at home, but it evolved when they crossed the ocean to America, acknowledging that it has two different moods since it was recorded in two different locales. It’s truly an international album!

The band also revealed that some possible paranormal activity took place during the time in Los Angeles. Scabbia says, “We’re pretty positive we had a ghost around us.” One of the members of the band felt his back being touched even though no one was in the room and a chair was moved when no one was around. Or so they think.

Perhaps the ghost or otherworldly and unseen forces will add that something “special” to the album.

‘Dark Adrenaline’ drops on Jan. 24 courtesy of longtime label Century Media.

Watch Lacuna Coil Studio Footage

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