The day we have all been finally waiting for is here. Check out some of her sexiest Instagram pictures with no shame.

Kylie Jenner might be the youngest of the Kardashian clan, but she may the most scandalous, right after big sister Kim. The edgy fashionista changes her hair all the time, has a Snapchat that has become our latest obsession, and she posts racy photos all over her Instagram. Before she was legal, it was a little weird to see her photos and then remember she was only 17 years old. Now, she is fair game to be our new sexy obsession.

Whether she has had some work done (other than the lips she's admitted to) or is natural, we still love her. From the bodacious booty, boobs and teeny tiny waist, she is definitely giving her big sister a run for their money. You better watch out Kim, little sister Kylie is giving you a run for your money as the sexiest Kardashian.

Check out some of her sexiest shots from her Instagram below.