Korn rocked El Paso Saturday night at the Socorro Entertainment Center and we even got to see J Devil come out and DJ for a bit. After the show, Lisa got to interview JD about everything. We talked kids, the new album, going green, dream collaboration, the Freakers Ball outfits and even the time he drank so much he had cocaine...pumped into him.


The show on Saturday was a packed house and I knew Korn was going to give an amazing concert. I saw them back in August and the entire show was so high energy everyone could feel it and Soccoro was the same way. Not to mention the fact that they played not only the new songs off the album, "The Paradigm Shift," but the classics that everyone knows and loves from them.

The best part for me from the show was seeing Brian "Head" Welch's band, In Love And Death, opening up for Korn. People have been telling me for awhile that this band was one I should really listen to. After seeing them perform, I completely agree with them. Not to mention I have loved Head since I was little, so anything he does is pure gold to me.