It's going to be a long, hot, rocking summer and KLAQ is turning up the heat!!

Forget Van Halen.  Whether they're fighting or not, whether it gets postponed or cancelled; KLAQ will keep you entertained!!  We have Balloonfest on the way, Streetfest on the way, Cool Canyon Nights starts soon and now; The Madness begins!!

On top of everything else KLAQ has planned for you, now we're bringing two of the hottest (and I mean literally HOT!!) rockers ever to El Paso!!  Along with a few fellas, we're going to rock your summer as KLAQ presents the Carnival Of Madness!!

New Medicine




August 18th, Don Haskins Center.  Tickets on sale June 1st.

Keep listening to El Pasos' best rock and checking in at for chances to meet the bands and to win FREE TICKETS!!

The Carnival Of Madness ... You're welcome!