Not sure if this is a good thing or not. I vote for no.

On the episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" which airs on September 29th, a pregnant Kim Kardashian stated that as soon as she 'popped this thing out' she wanted to do some Playboy or some nude shoot.

Her baby girl N.W. ... I mean North West (thought I was giving directions for a second there) was born June 15th. Kim has tried her best to stay out of the public eye after giving birth. I suppose she is getting herself ready for something.

I'm sure you all remember her sex tape with Ray J, the video that practically made her famous (because I can't think of any other thing), then in 2007 she posed for Playboy and said she was sorry she did that and said she felt uncomfortable (though she contradicted herself in an interview after saying it looked great) but my favorite is in 2011 when she posed for W Magazine. She was told that she was going to be covered and things went a different direction and she just blew up.



Seriously?!! You had a sex tape and posed for Playboy and you get upset for this?! You posed nude in the first place anyways and now you are saying you want to pose for PB again or do some sort of nude shoot ... really?

Glad she made that remark at the end! I'm sure none of us will think that.


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