Back in the early 90's the Civic Center was always poppin' when they hosted the Generation 2000! Every kid in El Paso felt the way an adult feels when a music festival is coming to town. Generation 2000 was a children's event that I became a regular attendee when I was younger. I hold a very fond memory of a time I accomplished a mission at the Generation 2000. They used to have this game that was a kid pool filled with green Jello and had to fish out a prize. This game sounds so easy but it actually was difficult to win a prize. But so many years of trying I was finally able to accomplish this challenging task. In 2012, 2015, and 2017 Generation 2000 has been hosted by different places, unlike the old days. The Civic Center was usually the only place that held Generation 2000 on their grounds. So if you miss attending this cool children's event, place your vote below!