Today was the first day of school for some students including my son. Now some of us can relate to comedian, Jo Koy when his son had his first day of school. Last year on the first day of school I couldn't relate to Jo Koy and his kid then. But now, I can definitely relate and maybe some of you can too. Luckily it wasn't as bad as Jo Koy had it with his son back then.

You're lucky if your child didn't want you to leave their side on their first day. Unlike my child, he was quick to rush off with his buddies as soon as he arrived at school. Then, once the class began walking to their classroom he was fine without saying bye to me. I had to rush over to him for a goodbye/good luck kiss which he rushed me on. I am wondering if your child or children had a tough time letting you go or were quick to dismiss you. Let me know how it was for you on their first day of school in the poll below!

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