The three day weekend is upon us and many are looking for different ways to celebrate the holiday weekend. If you're looking for something unique to do, check out this unique outdoor market: Kaleidoscope Art Market is hosting the "Haunted Carnival Daze Art Market"

Kaleidoscope Art Market

Happening on Saturday (5/29) at 512 N. San Marcial, the Haunted Carnival Daze Art Market's theme will go perfect with the location, the ALL NEW Monteleone’s Wrap & Roll Café. If you've never been there, it's not hard to recognize the carnival theme, but it's also one of the locations that many believe is haunted!

Kaleidoscope Art Market

As an extension of Monteleone's Ristorante (which is also said to be haunted!), the Wrap & Roll Café is just around the corner and will be hosting local vendors, artists, delicious food and, if you're lucky, some spirits.

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Kaleidoscope Art Market will also be hosting a clown contest; dress up as a clown and win a prize, bonus if you dress as a clown hotel staff like bellboys or maids.

Kaleidoscope Art Market

If you've never been to the Wrap & Roll Cafe, it does a great job of transporting you to a different time and they have some amazing old timey circus props! It's like if "American Horror Story: Freakshow" came to life!

El Paso has many great events happening this holiday weekend, but if your vibes are little more on the spooky side, and you're looking to support local, check out the Haunted Carnival Daze Art Market at 512 N. San Marcial this Saturday! Check out Kaleidoscope Art Market's page for more info.

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