A Las Cruces author is taking a stab ... get it? ... at the horror genre!

Ron Washburn has written several books, one of which could be made into a movie. According to his Amazon.com bio he:

grew up in the wild lands of the Jornada del Muerto in southern New Mexico. He raised horses, tended his windmill, and ran his ranch until he graduated from New Mexico State University, where he also worked until his retirement from Space Management. He's been writing since he was old enough to read. In addition to writing, he has also done some acting. He's been in a handful of short films and plays, including acting as Buffalo Bill Cody in Mark Medoff's production of Annie Get Your Gun. He has since retired from ranching, trading in his stirrups for Harley-Davidson motorcycle foot pegs. He now writes full time.

Ron's shifting to horror with his latest work, "The Macabre Coed", being released October 30th. It will be published under his pseudonym Jacinth Bloodstone as an ebook (Kindle) and paperback on Amazon.

From 10/30-11/1, the ebook's only 99 cents!