There's more to Castner Range than the annual explosion of poppies!

Castner Range, in Northeast El Paso, is around 7,000 acres in size and should be preserved as a national monument. To that end, the Frontera Land Alliance released a report today detailing the many things that make Castner Range beautiful, special and worthy of national monument status.

The report, entitled "Archeological and Historical Background Study of Castner Range" was written by Elia Perez and is being released today at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology. An excerpt from it posted at says:

Researchers have identified more than forty archaeological and historical sites within Castner Range including extensive collections of petroglyphs, remnants of failed tin mining operations, and small stone structures and pottery.

For more information on the project to get Castner Range national monument status and to sign a letter of support encouraging that, click here. They also have a Facebook page.

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