This past weekend I ventured into Ciudad Juárez for the first time since the pandemic began. It was also my first time walking the bridge since I had COVID- I wasn't sure if my lungs would handle it!

We arrived at the Santa Fe bridge, or the Paso Del Norte Bridge, and noticed there wasn't much of a crowd going into Juárez, and the line back did not look too bad either, both in car and by foot.

Migrants Cross From Mexico Into U.S. Near Ciudad Juarez
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The bridge didn't look so different from the last time, except there was more barbed wire and a bigger Border Patrol presence.

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While walking up the bridge, I had to make a few stops, and in one of those stops I witnessed the coolest side hustle! A man was going up and down the bridge pushing an empty wheelchair.

At first, I didn't really understand why he was just going back and forth pushing an empty wheelchair, until he saw my sister and I stopping for a break and he approached us. This man, who we shall call "Uberto", was offering to push us across the bridge on the wheelchair so we wouldn't have to walk!

My sister and I were a little taken aback, and we said we didn't need his services- just then, a woman with a bunch of shopping bags then decided she did need his services and put all the bags on the wheelchair. This man was more than ready to go and happily pushed that wheelchair across the bridge for her.

This guy had just created the best side hustle I'd seen on the bridge- I don't know how much he charged or if he even charged at all and just accepted tips. So if you see Uberto on the bridge, and take him up on his offer, tip him well!

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