I know I mentioned this a couple weeks ago but I had enough people asking about it that I figured it would help to mention it again. You might notice The After Buzz went away back in April or May. I'm not exactly sure when. I just know I did a few episodes from my house but ran out of time to do them anymore.

Now, here we are in December of 2020 and I have had people continually ask me about The After Buzz returning. Well, it's not really The After Buzz but it's essentially the same thing. It's just over on Twitch and it's not called The After Buzz. You can find me on Twitch by searching @therealbrandolorian. As I'm writing this, I'll be popping on later today (around 5pm MST) to talk about some of the changes to the Buzz Adams Morning Show, including how the live stream has changed. We will be hopefully adding Twitch to the streaming possibilities as well. Not leaving Facebook, just adding Twitch.

If you have any topics, comments or questions for me, you can bring them up in the Twitch chat, or you can send them to me on Instagram or Reddit. My handle on all of these platforms is @therealbrandolorian. You can also hit me up on any of those platforms as well if you have a topic, comment, or question for Rockstar 101. That's the podcast I do with Shim Moore, the former lead singer of Sick Puppies. You can find that podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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