Something that I get asked about a lot is when The After Buzz is going to be returning. Well, it's returning soon. I'll get to those details in a minute but first, a quick history of The After Buzz.

The After Buzz started as a Buzz Adams Morning Show AMA. People from the old YouTube chat kept asking questions that we didn't have time for during the show, so we decided to do an AMA. The first few had different members of the cast answering questions, but it ultimately got to the point that no one wanted to do it anymore. Since there was no direct benefit to them, they stopped showing up. I enjoy doing it. I like the interaction with our audience. So I changed it from an AMA to The After Buzz. It changed through the years from different producers, to different studios, until it eventually landed as just me in my house because COVID hit. Although, it was interesting that early on Buzz poo-pooed the idea and he was the main person that didn't want to do it. But before COVID hit, he was constantly asking to be on because he was bored, and now he too, likes the online interaction with the audience.

Now, it's morphing again into a simple Twitch stream. It's not going to be called The After Buzz anymore. It's just me, live on Twitch. Maybe it'll get a name later, but for the time, it's just going to be me on Twitch. How do you find it? What can you find it? Well, here's you details:

  • Who - Me (@therealbrandolorian)
  • What - Live on Twitch
  • When - Thursday, November 19th at 12:30pm Mountain Time
  • Where -My Twitch channel. You can find it by CLICKING HERE
  • Why - Because apparently people don't mind listening to me ramble on about whatever is on my mind.

I hope you join me this Thursday as we start a new chapter in this streaming journey.


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