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Twitter is a great place to find some interesting discussion topics. My interest was piqued when Twitter user @Kimmikillzombie asked the question: "What four movies would you show someone that would perfectly sum up yourself as a person?"


The Tweet has gotten over 300 people responding. Many are sharing the four films they feel best describe who they are as well as reasons why.  As a lover of all things movies, it made me think about the four movies I would choose. As the horror lover on the show, I don't think many horror movies would actually describe me- well maybe not ALL the horror movies I love. I decided to choose movies that I love, but, also movies that have characters that I relate to and ultimately have shaped me into who I am, full of dark humor and sarcasm.

1. 10 Things I Hate About You.

I've always related to Katarina Stratford sarcasm and outlook on life.

2. Alien

She's a strong woman with a cat. Need I say more?

3. 500 Days of Summer

Summer is often viewed as a villain when really, she was really straightforward from the beginning. Summer gives everyone a great lesson in love. Also, that expectation vs. reality scene really makes you think.

4. Scream.

I couldn't have made this list without adding a horror movie. Scream is my favorite horror movie. I love all of it; the opening scene, Skeet Ulrich, but mainly I love Neve Campbell in it. She's a definitive final girl who is strong and brave and also managed to survive three other sequels.

What four movies would you choose?

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