Yes, I'll say it. 2020 has not been kind to us. And things in El Paso certainly haven't gotten better. We could look on the bright side. But that's not what this is about. This is about unloading your issues and being able to vent about things that aren't going right. Someone posed this question over on Reddit.

I'm doing a school project: I want to know what are some every day problems you have or feel El Pasoans have?

Unload all your problems here. Any problems that have recently arisen as a result of covid or even before covid or issues you forsee becoming problematic.

Thank you!

Let's just say some people took full advantage of this. Hey, sometimes being able to vent makes you feel better. Here are some of the responses:

Too many loose dogs running around and animal neglect in general. It really makes the city look like a dump when groups of pets are running amok in the streets and getting run over. Really just animal treatment in general. I’ve seen dogs that are chained up outside 24/7 in EP. Animal abuse seems to be far too common around the area and it makes us all look like trash. Just take care of your pets and get them fixed so we don’t have wild packs of dogs running around.

This one struck a chord with me because my dog got out last week and we were frantic trying to figure out where he was. We ended up going to Facebook and posting on a bunch of different lost pets pages. Thankfully that helped us locate him. But it also showed me just how many dogs there are that are randomly found. That's how we ended up with Lucy, our puppy. She was just randomly roaming the streets with no ID. Just a shock collar.

I wish there was more collective responsibility for littering. I see El Paso as a tight-knit community, and I wish that translated to people picking up their dog waste and not littering.

This one ties in well with an article that Lisa recently put up about litter around the city. CLICK HERE to check out her article.

imchuey09 said:

One of the highest property tax burdens in Texas. The perpetual shadiness with management and governance at El Paso independent school district

This is another one that hits close to home for me. I was taking a look at my taxes this past year and I pay more in taxes than my mom does, and her house is more than double the price of mine.

lack of industry. Comparably-sized cities like San Antonio and Austin are growing and have major headquarters and good industires and jobs like cybersecurity, finance, tech, etc. El Paso is growing a ton but all the new jobs are just nursing, call centers, and low wage work.

He's not wrong. They are bringing a lot of jobs to El Paso, but they are lower wage, physical labor jobs. But at least there are jobs coming.

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