A few weeks ago, I was here late at night doing my show, when right next to me I heard laughter. Which was odd, considering I was alone in the building, I was in my office in between breaks, and there is no radio or TV in here with me. I even did a check around the building to see if I was alone, and I was. Right then I thought, "It's time to do some investigating."

The last few nights, I've been doing some EVP recording while on the air. Tuesday night I left my recorder in the bathroom for an hour to see if the ghosts would do anything. About 35 minutes in, with no one in the bathroom, the recorder captured this sound:

Now, it sounds like someone clapping pretty close to the recorder. Odd that there is no echo from the bathroom on this sound, as there is a lot of echo in the room. I can't easily explain this one.

Wednesday night, I did an actual EVP session in the men's room (air freshener from the ladies' room in hand) and asked for the ghosts to make some kind of sound. This is what I got:

I heard it when it happened, and asked for a repeat, but got no response. I'm not taking these sounds as proof of life...or unlife...or whatever.

Thursday night is the night Scott and I decided to work together to try to get something to happen here. He's had many incidents, and I just wanted something to happen so I could witness it. We had a bunch of recorders and brought cameras.

We caught something interesting. Watch the video for what we got. There's no editing or faking of any kind on these recordings, and there were three of us who all heard it. Scott, Veronica and myself. Believe it or believe it not.

You decide. Was it something a ghost did?

I know I want to do more of this, and hopefully we'll get something even better...maybe on camera!

Here are some weird photos Veronica took while in the hallway. I'm not a big believer in orbs, but maybe there could be something to them. You decide. (Click on CAPTION to see the description of the photos.)