We’ve all seen enough movies to know that in the future we’re going to make robots that turn on us and either eradicated mankind or make us all slave to their cold, merciless whims. Terminator, Matrix, Ex Machina…there have been enough of these movies that it’s now essentially scientific fact and we’re all better off making peace with humanity’s inevitable demise right now.

Here’s a video that someone shared on their Twitter. It’s a battle between a robot beetle and a real beetle. One of them is the clear winner. Of course, the robot beetle is way bigger and way more aggressive than the real beetle. It’s like a regular guy taking on a Terminator in hand-to-hand combat with NO weapons so you can imagine how it’s going to go. Watch what happens:

HOLY FORKING SHIRT-BALLS!! The real beetle WON! There is yet hope for mankind!!

Seriously, this the most life-affirming thing I’ve seen in a LONG time! The real beetle is minding his business, doing regular beetle stuff and then suddenly he’s confronted by robo-beetle. Robo-beetle looks like a regular beetle wearing Hulk-buster armor. It’s clearly a mismatch.

BUT THEN…regular beetle decides “enough is enough”, lifts the robot beetle over his head, and not only body slams it…he body slams it OFF THE G—D—ed table! Robot beetle is down on the ground (the equivalent of a 40 story fall) ON HIS BACK and twitching like the ED-209 that got tricked into taking the stairs by Robocop! F***! That feels good!

That’s a win for us, people. Like, for all of us…humanity in general! Thank you, anonymous beetle. Truly, you are the John Connor of the insect world.

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