The average American is listening to an extra 38 minutes of music a day, this according to a new survey by SWNS Digital. The survey found that 58% of American's are listening to more music than ever as a means to relax. While those of us on the show think that we're not listening to more music than usual (we work at a radio station so we're constantly surrounded by music) Brandon and I do find ourselves listening to more podcasts.

Naturally, the podcasts Brandon and I tend to lean towards are true crime podcasts. True crime podcasts aren't for everyone that's for sure, but there is a satisfaction in hearing the details and kind of feeling like you're a detective on the case. After someone in the chat asked which true crime podcasts were good to listen to, I decided to curate a list of true crime podcasts to help you out if you're not sure where to begin.

Of course, you can always listen to our podcasts; Brandon & Shim Moore's podcast "Rockstar 101" which you can check out here. Emily and I have our own podcast, "What the Buzz", which you can check out here. And of course, the MoSho has it's very own podcast which you can listen to here. If you're looking for some gory true crime podcasts, check out the four podcasts that I recommend. Side note: If I ever go missing, these are the only acceptable podcasts to feature my story on!

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