Lately I've done some DIY Halloween costumes (I still have more planned!) but Halloween is almost here, so it was time for me to go into the salon and get my nails ready not only for Halloween but for our Halloween parade! Enter Shelby O'Leary. Shelby is a stylist and nail tech over at Ready to Dye Hair Gallery. As you can (probably) tell, Shelby and I both are into horror and spooky stuff, which obviously made for a great time! In the end my nails came out AMAZING and I was able to just be myself and feel comfortable, because Shelby understands that sometimes I want my nails to look worthy of a closeup on "American Horror Story."



Shelby left my nails looking Halloween ready (because I really wanted to look like I was just coming from the woods after crushing the hearts of my enemies but also... I'm a lady!). For us spooky girls and for anyone looking for a super cool salon, or maybe you want to be able to hear an awesome band, check out Ready to Dye Hair Gallery and swing by Ink Society tattoo shop right next door where it can be Halloween all the time! A girl can dream. You can check out some more of Shelby's work here, where more pictures of my spooktacular nails can be seen! Maybe I'll get something pierced next time!

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