Today, I'm bringing to you an easy and affordable way to turn yourself into Terminator. Actually, I'm a little worried that we can't use the word "Terminator" without permission, so let's go ahead and call this "cyborg assassin from 2029." A few thing that I like about this costume: you can basically wear whatever you want, if you want to be extra authentic throw on a leather jacket; also, this was done using materials I already had around the house. For this one you'll need: foil, scissors, eyelash adhesive, red blush or eye-shadow and a black liner. I'm sure many ladies already have this in their house, gentlemen, ask a lady friend for some eye-shadow and blush; if you don't have a lady friend to help you out, these are easily available at stores thanks to the Halloween season. Not going to lie, trying to take off all the foil and eyelash adhesive later took a lot of coconut oil and patience! But it's totally worth it, for how cool you'll end up looking!

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