We all know and love the many characters behind Jeff Dunham's talent that bring out a good laugh out of us! Jeff Dunham definitely has the stuff that's legal and will give you the giggles.

You will be familiar with Jeff Dunham and his friends thanks to Comedy Central! It won't be a surprise if people cruising by the Abraham Chavez Theatre can hear lots of laughs. The person responsible for having us laughing our a** off would be Jeff Dunham and his little friends. This may sound crazy but ever since I saw Walter I have crushed hard on that little dude! I am living proof of what people say about chicks going for a**holes if he's my favorite. He will not only be performing once but twice, so there's no excuse for missing this comedy. The shows will be on November 1 and the 2 starting at 7 pm at the Abraham Chavez Theatre.

Take the poll below on who you're worthy to see and will end up leaving your cheeks sore from laughing so much!

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