Many people have had to deal with a tow truck problem at least once in their lives. If you have had a terrible experience with tow trucks, this guy will be your new hero.

The first time I went clubbing with a couple of friends in downtown El Paso, my friend's car was towed. Yes, we were dressed up running around downtown in our heels, trying to figure out where her car was. When we finally found the tow business that had the car, the guy tried to hustle us and she ended up paying a good amount of money to release the car. I haven't been clubbing since.

This guy doesn't have a back story on why his white jeep was about to be towed, but the better is story is how he managed to break free from the tow truck. Just as the tow truck is about to pull away, the jeep manages to drive off that weird claw thing and make a great escape into the land of freedom.

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