Covid-19 has really been a nightmare for not only people but businesses as well. In order to help cut down the spread of this deadly virus, we were put on lockdown. When non-essentials had to quarantine that meant some businesses had to close their doors. Now when stores had to stay closed for a temporary time it saved us money but the company lost money. Since this mess started means that over a hundred JC Penney stores will be closing their doors for good next week. Some of those stores would be 7 in Texas and 1 in New Mexico. Sadly the JC Penney store that is closing in New Mexico is close to home. The JC Penney store in Alamogordo, New Mexico was listed as one of the locations to shut down.

KVIA News 7 got into further details about JC Penney closing their doors to 154 stores. According to the JC Penney website the state of Florida, was closing the most stores compared to the other states. Florida is shutting down 9 stores, while California will close 8 and Texas ringing in with 7. Luckily, our El Paso location is managing well since ours didn't make the cut on the list. Since the phases of reopening have begun, stores are now able to earn their income. I am sure a lot of El Pasoans and our neighbors next door in Ciudad Juarez would be bummed if ours closed. We recently heard the bad news about Pier 1 in El Paso closing 1 of their 3 stores. Let's pray, cross our fingers, and light a candle no other stores in the 915 close their doors.

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